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Science Catalysts for Term 2

SMS term 2

Sequim Middle School:

Joe Landoni would like to showcase the following seventh grade students as science “Catalysts” for Term 2.  Just what is a catalyst, you ask?  Catalysts are those students who regularly display an exceptional level of participation in their science class.  They are the kings and queens of questioning! They make those thought provoking statements which extend understanding.  They are the instigators of inquiry!  They are risk takers, not afraid of making mistakes or failing (as they know mistakes and failure lead to new knowledge!) They are the sparks which ignite learning! Please recognize and celebrate the following fine young scientists:  first period’s Henry Hughes, Madelyn Pickens, Lauren Sundin and Jack VanDeWege, third period’s Brandon Charters and Lillian McNair, fourth period’s Liam Kuh and Kathleen Snyder, fifth period’s Jastin Bailey and Danica Pierson, and sixth period’s Connor Bear and Gabby Mattern-Hall. Students were recognized in their respective classes and each received a certificate suitable for display on any refrigerator. Keep up the fantastic effort, young scientists!  You are excellent role models for your peers.

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